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The Team

Who We Are


Amarta Myeza

Miss Harmony

aka Facilitation Manager

Guiding Malaika House with a master's in Psychology, I blend my passion for personalised education, cultivated through six years of private tutoring, to shape a unique learning experience. Emphasizing life skills and behavioural regulation over traditional curriculum, my goal is to redfine education, ensuring each child thrives holistically and discovers their own path to success.

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Shaun Esterhuizen

Mr Zest

aka Facilitator

I am a full-time facilitator and currently studying education, with the experience of having worked in schools since 2019. I have a passion for children and wish to see them achieve their full potential.

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Hesme Cronjé

Ms Insider

aka Consulting Facilitator

I am an autism self-advocate who believes education should be inclusive to everyone. As someone who has struggled to find inclusive education while completing my own school journey, I want to change that for the next generation. I've been working as an inclusive education advocate and facilitator for multiple years. Currently, I am studying to complete a degree in psychology to better assist neurodivergent people.

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Elria Hough

Miss Explorer

aka Adventure Co-ordinator & Facilitator

I am head of the adventure team at Malaika House. I love all things nature and believe its the best medicine. My passion is working with kids and teaching them that there is beauty in everything around them.

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Rayin-Pierre Snyman

Mr Trailblazer

aka Adventure Facilitator

I am part of the adventure sessions team and I love all things outdoors! Nature is my office.

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