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What we offer

At Malaika House, students are surrounded by their peers, young people who may have  specialized needs, but also amazing talents and skills. They quickly realize they are not alone; they are part of a strong community of students who are capable of amazing achievements.

We believe students who receive the appropriate support (especially in respect of their communication needs, sensory needs, and being understood and accepted) can develop and reach their full potential.  We focus on the positive of each student and aim to teach all of our students how to leverage their strengths in areas that may be difficult, and how to advocate for the tools that they need in order to succeed.


We provide both an academic programme for those that do want to follow an academic curriculum (with a choice of CAPS, GED or Cambridge), as well as a child led development programme for those who do not want to follow a curriculum.  Very importantly is that we will do all curriculum work via experiential learning, which will make the work three dimensional, much more fun, and much easier to understand for the students. We are completely against the model where the teacher will stand in front of the class and the child must sit quietly and listen.  At Malaika House each child can work at his/her own pace, explore what they are interested in, and sit together around a table tackling problems or projects.


Structure overview:


At Malaika House our first focus is not academics.  We focus very strongly on all wellness- and developmental spheres of every student, namely:

  • Physical, 

  • Emotional,

  • Social,

  • Psychological,

  • Sensory,

  • Communication.


Each week of the term will have a theme (which the students will assist in selecting) and this theme will be carried out through all non-curriculum-based activities.


Each student can decide if s/he would like to work alone, with a friend or in a group during all activities during a day.


There will be no bells that ring and no definite times for activities.  We want to create a natural flow for every student between the different activities of a day.

Additional support:


We have partnered with psychologists and occupational therapists to provide additional psychological and occupational therapy support to our students by incorporating these specialists in our activities and programme planning.


Parents can book sessions with a psychologist or occupational therapist for their child at Malaika House, who forms part of our team, but who are private practitioners who will invoice parents independently from Malaika House.  Malaika House does not benefit financially from such sessions.  These individuals have been very carefully selected based on their experience, skills, and personalities.  


If parents would like their child’s own psychologist to facilitate sessions with their child at Malaika House, the psychologist or parent can book a space with Malaika House for such sessions at a predetermined fee.   

Assisted learning:

At Malaika House we promote assisted learning and we understand that student require accommodations and concessions in order to function optimally.  If a student requires a reader, extra time, spelling concession or scribe during a formal assessment, the parents should request the additional support.   We also welcome the input of every student’s psychologist, occupational therapist or any other professional, to ensure that the student is accommodated successfully at Malaika House, not only during curriculum activities, but throughout all activities on a daily basis.

As such we request that every student undergoes or provides a full sensory profile assessment to Malaika House when joining the MH family.  

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