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Our Story

Malaika House was the created as we truly wanted to develop a non-school education and development facility where children with autism and specifically also PDA/EDA can flourish.  Our daughter has PDA, our son has Aspergers and Dad is also on the spectrum.  Through our experience and networking with other parents, we know that many children do not feel understood and do not fit in at their schools.  We have placed our own children in a special needs facility who said that they do cater for children with autism, but it was an absolute disaster and we went back to their mainstream school.  Please note that I am not speaking badly about other special needs facilities, as there are other children who loved it at that facility.  We believe that every child is different and that every parent and child need to find the facility that works for them.  We however also know that so many children feel lost and unloved and have lost their sense of belonging as they have been asked countless times to rather not continue attending a school, just because their needs are not fully catered for, or they are not understood.

The demands and pressure at mainstream school became completely too much for our daughter and we took her out of school at the end of 2022.  We knew this was going to be our journey and as such have started with the planning of Malaika House in the beginning of 2021 already.  

There are quite a few facilities for children with autism in pre-primary and primary school age and very limited resources for children aged 13 – 18 years, and thus, we had decided to focus the initial phase of Malaika House for children aged 13 – 18 years or grades 8 – 12.  Now that we have more experience in our model, we have  expanded our facility to include children younger than the initial age group, i.e. ages 10 - 12.  

Our vision is to be able in a few years to also accommodate students with intellectual disabilities and students who require much more one-on-one support in respect of their functioning.  We are taking this growth plan slow and want to work with our parents to create this unique “House” where all the children feel part of the family and where they are happy.  

I think it is also important to tell you where the name “Malaika House” comes from.  We named the facility “Malaika House” as our daughter chose it as her “other” name, after she played (direct contact) with an elephant called Malaika.  The connection she and this elephant cow had was absolutely magical and since then elephants became a very special animal for our family.  As such our logo also resembles an elephant.  For us elephants are amazing (just like our students), and their traits are what we want our children to experience at Malaika House: 

  • Elephants grow from something very small into something so big and amazing

  • elephants are strong

  • elephants are very wise and clever

  • elephants never leave one of their pack behind

  • elephants work together

  • elephants can sometimes look funny (big body, small tail, trunk, etc) but that does not take away how amazing they are

  • elephants do not give up

  • elephants care about others around them

  • elephants are not afraid to tackle their enemies/problems head on

  • elephants have a unique way of communicating 

  • elephants love having fun

  • the pack looks after each other and stands together during good and bad times

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